Obfuscate affiliate links or enable cloaking

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

Link obfuscation

You can enable obfuscation of affiliate links with JavaScript so that no robots (Googlebot, Screaming Frog, etc.) can detect them or sculpt the internal PR.

Want to know what link obfuscation is? Read this article.

Wasabi Theme options for affiliate link obfuscation

Just check an option and hit save. Obfuscation is just a mouse click away.

Affiliate link cloaking

You can go one step further and transform external affiliate links into internal links so that bots think they are links to your website and not to affiliate portals.

Replace affiliate links with internal links that redirect to the final affiliate URL. This replacement will only apply if the integration with the affiliate API has been configured correctly. The redirect status code is 302, and the HTTP header “X-Robots-Tag: noindex, nofollow” will be returned. In addition, the redirect URL will appear in the robots.txt as disallow.

As in the previous section, you only have to enable one option. That’s it.

Be careful, as not all affiliate programs allow this practice.